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The car returned to the road in August 2007, still some finishing jobs to do, but right now I'm having too much fun driving it.



I'm afraid I haven't found time recently to update the progress of this project, although I will try and get around to it soon.

Follow the progress through the stages as we transform the MR2 into an F355 replica (most recent events are at the top)

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Job 58

Roof Prep & Paint

Job 57

Drivers Wing & Slam Panel Prep & Paint

Job 56

Passenger Wing Prep & Paint

Job 55

Bonnet Prep & Paint

Job 54

Build Door Vents

Job 53

Fit the Side Repeaters

Job 52

Paint the Rear Bumper

Job 51

Paint the Front Bumper

Job 50

Paint the Side Skirts

Job 49

Oven Bake The Car

Job 48

Preparing and Fitting Wing Mirrors

Job 47

Smooth and Prime Rear Pillars

Job 46

Fit Rear Side Windows

Job 45

Fit Spacers and Ferrari Wheels

Job 44

Build up, Smooth and Prime the Passenger Side Skirt

Job 43

Build up, Smooth and Prime the Engine Cover

Job 42

Smooth and Prime the Front Bumper

Job 41

Build Fog Light Holes

Job 40

Smooth and Prime Passenger Door

Job 39

Smooth and Prime the Roof and Rear Pillars

Job 38

Smooth and Prime Rear Passenger Wing

Job 37

Smooth and Prime Rear Bumper

Job 36

Smooth and Prime Rear Panel

Job 35

Smooth and Prime Drivers Side Door and Rear Wing

Job 34

Smooth and Prime Bonnet and Wings

Job 33

Smooth Front Panel with Bonnet

Job 32

Recess Ferrari Bonnet Badge

Job 31

Rear Panel  and Door Levelling

Job 30

Bond On Rear End

Job 29

Door Front Panel Gap Finishing

Job 28

Fit Door Scoop Covers

Job 27

Increasing Door Scoop Size

Job 26

Door Front & Wing Reshaping

Job 25

Petrol Filler Cover Fitting

Job 24

Rear Light Panel Cutting

Job 23

Rear Arch Enlarging

Job 22

Door Shaping, Front Edge

Job 21

Front Wing Shaping

Job 20

Petrol Cap Shaping

Job 19

Bond On the Doors

Job 18

Front Wing Final Fitting

Job 17

Door Handle Fitting

Job 16

Engine Cover Mesh Fitting

Job 15

Engine Cover Centre Vent Fitting

Job 14

Engine Cover Vent Smoothing

Job 13

Fitting the Side Skirts

Job 12

Fitting the Engine Cover Lower Skin

Job 11

Fitting the Rear Bumper

Job 10

Fitting the Front Bumper

Job 9

Trial Fitting Rear Panels

Job 8

Enlarging the Front Wheel Arches

Job 7

Trial Fitting Door Skins

Job 6

Cutting Door Scoop Holes

Job 5

Trial Fitting Bonnet and Front Wings

Job 4

Striping the MR2 Panels

Job 3

Cut Front Bumper Holes

Job 2

Cut Rear Bumper Holes

Job 1

Cut engine cover vent holes in top skin


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