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For this project I will be transforming a Toyota MR2 into a replica Ferrari F355. 

I will be using a 1993 GT Turbo (pictured below), with the non-TBar roof and no sunroof, this will give us the best body for the conversion and also 220BHP as standard which can easily be tuned to give performance figures and a 0-60 time close or even quicker than the genuine article. 

The car was imported from Japan in 2001 and has full history from that time.

The aim is at the end of the project to have a 300BHP car pulling 0-60 times below 5 seconds, whether this is possible remains to be seen.







Below is a comparison of a genuine Ferrari 355, the chosen base car as standard and an everyday average car

  Ferrari 355 MR2 GT Turbo Ford Mondeo
Engine Type V8, Mid Mounted Twin Entry Turbo, Mid Mounted Zetec, Front Mounted
Engine Size 3496cc 1998cc 1998cc
Horse Power 380BHP 230BHP 130BHP
Top Speed 184MPH 155MPH 112MPH
0 - 60 Time 4.6 Seconds 5.4 Seconds 9.4 Seconds
Weight 1450KG 1200KG 1500KG