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Job 49 : Oven Bake the Car



Hours Spent : 3


With the bodywork finally complete, I was able to take the car to a body shop to get it oven baked, it needs to be heated to 50 degrees for 1 hour to get any air bubbles out of the fibreglass.  When it came out of the oven there was amazingly very few holes created, this is possibly due to me doing a lot of work on the car out in the sun.  The baking ensures that when the car is left in the sun any air trapped inside that expands with the heat, won't pop out leaving a hole in the bodywork.


On the way back from the bodyshop I stopped off at a petrol station to put some petrol in, partly to make sure it was possible to get a pump in with the wide wings, and partly to allow me to have a bit of fun and actually drive the car (private roads).