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Job 45 : Fit Spacers and Ferrari Wheels



Hours Spent : 4


Unlike most replicas which make do with some aftermarket 5 spoke wheels which look roughly like Ferrari F355 wheels, I got hold of a set of genuine 355 wheels, while this did add substantial cost to the project I felt it gave a much more realistic appearance and was worth doing.  The first challenge was getting the Ferrari wheels to fit with the MR2 hubs, I had a company who do a lot of work with Ferrari replicas make up a set of spacers to fit the Ferrari stud pattern.  The rear spacers really are HUGE!  With the size of the wheels I had to hammer out the front arches to stop the wheels rubbing on full lock, I will also be fitting coilover to adjust the car to the correct height, until these are fitted I have hammered up the suspension cups to fit the wheels underneth.



With the wheels fitted people are starting to mistake it for a real Ferrari, when parked outside it is already generating a lot of attention with people asking what happened to the Ferrari, was it in an accident?  Definately a good sign, although the car definately needs to be lowered to give an even arch gap.