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Job 18 : Front Wing Final Fitting



Hours Spent : 8


With the weather improving I was now able to bond the front wings onto the car.  I had to grind a large area away from the wings in front of the doors to stop the wider door skins hitting the wing when the doors open fully.


Before fitting the panels I used an angel grinder to take the paint off the car at the points which will meet the kit, and applied large lumps of fibre glass filler along with strips of fibre glass, bolted on the wings back in place on and added more fibre glass filler to meet the kit.




Once the wings had set solid I turned my attention to the bonnet which was still sitting far to low on the drivers side and very high on the passenger side.  Most kit builders use large metal brackets which are bolted to the wings to hold the bonnet in position.  I decided against these and instead simply drilled holes in the wings and at the front of the car and cuts slots from them and used the MR2 bump stops which screw into the holes.  This left the bonnet sat at a good level both sides.