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Job 17 : Door Handle Fitting



Hours Spent : 15


Again rather than just using the MR2 door handles as done on many 355 replicas, I have moulded them into the top of the door scoop.  I have used Vauxhall Corsa rear door handles which are flush and needed little modification to fit.  I cut a hole for the handle to sit in and bonded it to the door skin.  The bottom picture shows how this design compares to the real 355 door handles



The mechanism uses a coat hanger bent to shape which is clamped to the original Toyota mechanism.  The Toyota handle is disconnected to make it easier to pull and releave the strain on the rod.



After rubbing down the rough finish on the Corsa handles I used fibre glass resin to bond the handles to the door skins, then applied a few layers of fibre glass strips followed by fibre glass filler to ensure the handle is not going to move.