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Job 5 : Trial Fitting Bonnet and Front Wings



Hours Spent : 3


I have started with the front wings and bonnet, the bonnet simply bolts on in place of the mr2 bonnet, I had to grind a section out as the passenger side was sitting high. 


The wings also needed a section at the front cut out to get the panel to sit on. 


All the panel gaps are well out and the kit needs a lot of grinding and filling to get a good finish but this was as expected and I am pleased with how it has gone so far.



To get a better fit on the wings, I have cut a beam which went across the car to hold the old wings on, this is no longer needed with the new kit.


I have also cut a section of the kit out from the back of the wing to allow it to slot in to front of the door, this has brought the wings to the right width.


A problem has been found with the bonnet, the drivers side is the perfect height, but the passenger side is sitting an inch too high when the bonnet is shut.  This is too far out for the adjustments to be any use.  To solve the problem I intend on putting bump stops under the bonnet to hold it at the higher height the whole way across, then I will raise the wings to match.